The Stages of Bollingen: 1927



“I wanted a room in this tower where I could exist for myself alone

I had in mind what I had seen in Indian houses, in which there is usually an area– though it may be only a corner of a room separated off by a curtain– in which the inhabitants can withdraw.

There they may meditate for perhaps a quarter or half an hour, or do yoga exercises. such an area of retirement is essential in India, where people live crowded very close together.

 In my retiring room I am by myself. I keep the key with me all the time; no one else is allowed in there except with my permission.

In the course of the years I have done paintings on the walls, and so have expressed all those things which have carried me out of time into seclusion, out of the present into timelessness.

Thus the second tower became for me a place of spiritual concentration.


Carl Jung

Memories, Dreams, Reflections




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