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Bollingen: The Beginning of the Tower, 1923


“Words and paper did not seem real enough to me.

To put my fantasies on solid footing, something more was needed.

I had to achieve a kind of representation in stone of my innermost thoughts and of the knowledge I had acquired.

Put another way, I had to make a confession of faith in stone.

That was the beginning of the tower, the house I built for myself at Bollingen.”

Carl Jung
Memories, Dreams, Reflections
Page 142

Faith and Stone

The urge to work with stone comes from a deeply irrational place; it has a been a bit of a puzzle to me why I have been so consistently drawn to working on the Stone Sanctuary for the last three years. In the next chapters, I hope to explore the symbolism of stones and the…Continue Reading

Carl Jung

When Jung was building Bollingen on the shores of Lake Zurich, he said of the project, “I had to make a confession of faith in stone.” As a clinical psychologist, I find work the theory and approach of Carl Jung by far the most pragmatic and useful of any theorist. As an older person facing…Continue Reading