Reflections on Fire

It is a wonderful alchemical pleasure to sit inside the cabin with a fire in the wood stove, and look to the outside world and see a fire on the stone altar.The dual fires reminds me of the alchemical axiom from the Emerald Tablet, “As above, so below.”

The fire been a constant companion and friend with the stone work, and the first thing attended to when the work begins in the morning.


From Memories, Dreams, Reflections:

I also recall from this period (seven to nine) that I was fond of playing with fire. In our garden there was an old wall built of stone, the interstices of which made interesting caves.

I used to tend a little fire in one of those caves, with the other children helping me, a fire that had to burn forever and therefore had to be constantly maintained by our united efforts, which consisted in gathering the necessary wood.

No one but myself was allowed to tend the fire.

Others could light other fires in other caves, but these fires were profane and did not concern me.

My fire alone was living and had an unmistakable aura of sanctity.

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