Mary Magdalene and the Red Egg

As the story goes, Mary Magdalene traveled to visit the Emperor Tiberius in Rome and greeted him with: “Christ has risen,” whereupon he pointed to an egg on his table and said, “Christ has no more risen than that egg is red.” The egg, it is said, immediately turned blood red.

It is hard to convey how shocking it was when I came across this iconic image and story of Mary Magdalene when searching the Internet regarding the symbolism of the red egg.

How is it that this symbol of a red egg, that had been so persistent in my psyche and driven me to make numerous drawings and build a stone sanctuary, was also a symbol from early Christianity (and has its roots in the earliest of civilizations)? I was not brought up in a strongly religious way, and knew nothing about Mary Magdalene. Yet this symbol is working through me, at the same time the interest in Mary Magdalene is also accelerating in the culture. On a conscious level, I knew nothing about it.

From a Jungian point of view, this is a manifestation of the Objective Psyche, and connected to the emergence of the Sacred Feminine — the archetypes at work. For me it has been a numinous experience, a transpersonal experience that convinced me there was far more going on in the universe than my rational mind had believed.

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