Imagining a Red Egg


Those of you have been following this story for the last few years know the central importance of the mythology and symbolism of the Red Egg in this narrative.

I had been circumambulating around the idea of making a large egg out of red river stone for some time; originally I had planned to make a red egg meditation chamber, next to the cabin.

As the unconscious would have it, the Egg needed to emerge from a hillside, surrounded by a pond with a waterfall behind it.

The red stones were gathered for the last few years; preparing the ground for them began at the fall Equinox of 2015.



The Incantation in the Red Book:

Set the egg before you, the God in his beginning.

And behold it.

And incubate it with the magical warmth of your gaze.

Christmas has come. The God is in the egg.

I have prepared a rug for my God, an expensive red rug from the land of morning.

He shall be surrounded by the shimmer of magnificence of his Eastern land.

I am the mother, the simple maiden, who gave birth and did not know how.

I am the careful father, who protected the maiden.

I am the shepherd, who received the message as he guarded his herd at night on the dark fields.

I am the holy animal that stood astonished and cannot grasp the becoming of the God ..

I am the wise man who came from the East, suspecting the miracle from afar.

And I am the egg that surrounds and nurtures the seed of the God in me.

C.G. Jung

The Red Book

Page 284

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