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Animal Instincts

While sitting on the cabin roof in September, having a cup of coffee and looking over the landscape of the Sanctuary, I suddenly saw that there was a natural entrance to the Sanctuary between two young birch trees.

I found the largest remaining stones, and began construction of the portal to the Sanctuary.

The day after I finished was one of those special Fairbanks fall days, when mist rises from the dampened land in the new heat of the morning sun.

Out of the mist a moose walked directly towards me, and through the new stone portal. I found myself slowly backing up; when she was about ten feet away, she turned to get a drink in the pond, and then walked to pose by the Bear Paw.

You would almost think she came out of the Twilight Zone, through that portal, just at that time, on purpose. What a blessing!

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A Good Stone is Hard to Find

  I was about to run out of stones, and had resigned myself to another four hour expedition to get a truck load of rocks. On my way home I was passing what in Fairbanks is called the “transfer station,” i.e.,where one transfers one’s garbage and anything else one wants to dispose of before it…Continue Reading

Tracks across the Sky

In my early thirties, two college friends and I floated down a wilderness river in Alaska’s interior. After about nine days, we lost track of time and no longer even knew what day of the week it was. Around the campfire, my English major friend decided to recite a verse he knew from the Rubaiyat…Continue Reading