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Planning for the Apocalypse


It is difficult to convey the level and kind of both anxiety and depression that accompanies heart issues.

One of the more difficult aspects is the loss of a sense of future. Six months after the heart attack in 2005, I had driven to Home Depot to buy lumber for a new house project, and then just drove away since it all seemed so futile. Why build, with no future?

There ware actually warning signs of more heart problems at the beginning of last summer, when I had felt some difficulty breathing and chest constriction walking up hills. I had been through this movie before, did not want to believe it, and attributed the problems to just getting older.

And during the summer I also built some large and long raised garden beds, to plant enough potatoes and beets to make it through the Apocalypse, which I somehow felt was imminent and probable. My unconscious must have known at a deep level that something was apocalyptically wrong, at least at a personal level.

Still, there was solace in creating with stone.

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While the work on the Red Egg was being completed, other developments were also on the rise. While loading stones into the truck early September, I had felt a tightness in my chest when lifting the heavier stones; this felt like what I had heard was called exercise induced angina. In mid-September, I had walked…Continue Reading

One Bucket at a Time

The devastation at the World Trade Center was first emptied a five gallon bucket at a time. In the myth of Iron John, a lake is emptied one bucket at a time, i.e, one works with the unconscious very slowly. The red truck is frequently loaded with forty of these ubiquitous buckets before going on…Continue Reading