About Dr. Parker



Stephen Parker, Ph.D. is a Jungian psychologist and stone mason from Fairbanks, Alaska.

He lives with his partner, Kornelia Grabinska  (a Jungian Analyst), in a birch forest overlooking Fairbanks.

He runs an active community discussion group about Carl Jung and his ideas on Facebook.

To contact him : heartcurrents (at) gmail.com.



Jungcurrents: What’s up with Carl Jung
Jung-Hearted on Facebook

Art Exhibitions

March 2008 Solo Exhibition at Spring Street Gallery, Saratoga Springs New York: March 2008

March 2012: Images from the Cave of the Heart; Solo exhibition Commonweal Gallery, Bolinas, California

February 2013, Solo Exhibition, Penny George Institute for Health and Healing. Minneapolis, Minnesota


Heart Attack and Soul: In the Labyrinth of Healing. January, 2011


Jung, Art and Healing. The New School at Commonweal February, 2012

Film Producer

Producer of At Home with Patricia, a 20 minute film on the life of Patricia Garfield author of numerous books on dreams.

For the Keynote address, international Association for the Study of Dreams, Berkeley, California. June, 2012

Invited Presentations

Heart Attack and Soul
Mayo Clinic, Minneapolis, Minnesota
September, 2011

Heart Attack and Soul: Healing the Heart
Hillside Seniors Health Centre, Aberdeen Hospital, Victoria, Canada
November, 2013